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dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Rather bad weather with isolated to scattered showers at times, thunder, strong winds and very rough seas. It could last until tomorrow. But a slight improvement is possible as of this afternoon or evening.

Weather should continue to be mostly bad today with scattered to isolated showers and thunder at times, strong winds and rough seas. A large cloud mass stays over the northern Lesser Antilles. It could last until tomorrow Monday. High winds are produced by a high pressure system close to Bermuda.

  • YESTERDAY and last night : heavy rain showers & thunderstorms, strong winds and rough seas.
  • TODAY: Currently, rain has stopped. Cloudy to overcast and possible isolated to scattered showers and very isolated thunderstorms. A slight improvement is possible later today but not sure. Squalls with strong gusts. Heavy ENE swells and waves at sea.
  • MONDAY: slight improvement with however some isolated showers. Winds and seas should remain strong and rough. TUESDAY: more significant improvement. 
  • WINDS & SEAS: 12 to 14 ft possible at sea (Atlantic and Caribbean Sea). Average 22 to 27 Mph from ENE, possible higher gusts 40 to 55 Mph (56 Mph last night in St Barths). Possible slight improvement from Tuesday.
  • SWELLS: heavy 9-10 ft , 9-10 seconds slightly improving from Wednesday, 6-8 ft.
  • GARDEN: no watering needed :-) Beware of flying objects! Please do not leave containers filled with stagnant water. This is conducive for mosquitoes and therefore Dengue Fever. SAILING: strong winds and gusts, rough to very rough seas. SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY IN EFFECT.  BEACHES: danger: rough seas, surfs, possible thunder. AIRPORT: possible delayed or cancelled flights. ROADS: beware of flash floods!
  • WEATHER: Meteo France (graphical) | Anguilla | St MaartenHigh Sea Forecast
  • MAPS, IMAGES, WEBCAMS: http://nbbc-met.blogspot.fr/ (Main website)
  • USA: WeatherBug, hpc.ncep.noaa.gov, weather-news
  • SHIPS: Tamsen (or Antara) beautiful and luxury 170 ft Bermuda ketch in Marigot Bay

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